Parents and Guardians

Parents and Guardians

You knew it was coming, but it's still a bit of a shock. Surely it was only a couple of years ago, you were dropping them off on their first day at school, and now they're talking about moving out. Your son or daughter is applying for university or college half-way across the country, and you’re wondering where they're going to live.

Student housing is often depicted as a damp, pig-sties littered with rubbish and leftovers and unfit living, as well as being expensive.

Our Promise and Guarantee

We know it’s really hard to find great quality accommodation close to universities that is value for money. We also know that a safe, well looked after place to live is even more difficult to find. That’s where Zhauns Self-Catering Student Accommodation comes in.

We have a great deal of experience designing, building and running accommodation specifically designed for students. Our properties are purpose built for student’s lifestyles, taking into account close proximity to transport links, universities and social centres. We offer 24/7 armed response, CCTV and Access controlled security, and if you live in Belville a house mother that lives on site. In short, we know students and it’s our mission to deliver; great locations, all-inclusive rents, new benchmarks in comfort and a fantastic place for your child to live and study in.


When you live at Zhauns Student Accommodation, you don't just get a room, you get loads of cool extras. Take a look at our awesome facilities and you will see that we have thought of everything.


At Zhauns Student Accommodation, we are all about location. That’s why all our properties are within easy reach of major universities and colleges, public transport, shopping, eating, fitness and entertainment facilities.

Have a look around, you will see that it's pretty cool to live at Zhauns Student Accommodation.


zhauns-logoZhauns Student Accommodation is the newest business venture of Zhauns the No.1 supplier in the world of Profitable & Affordable Business Opportunity Machines for the SMME market to create businesses, employment & alleviate poverty.